Fireplaces – Fire Pits

Many of us love to sit around the fire while camping and enjoy the stars with family. Now imagine taking that experience and incorporating it into your everyday outdoor living. Imagine turning your home’s landscape into a place of peace and comfort using fire. Fireplaces and firepits are a center attraction piece of any landscape.

We build fireplaces and firepits using a variety of different raw materials such as natural boulders, interlocking brick, and natural stone veneer. During the design process we will determine the best fuel sources for the desired use of the landscape.

Natural gas is an option that adds great value to any outdoor living space. It is a good choice for outdoor kitchens with matching fireplaces because of the lighting convenience. It makes cooking and entertaining much more enjoyable as your focus is directed towards more important goals other than keeping the fire lit.

There are many applications of fire pits and fireplaces that are wood fueled and are more affordable to install. I personally love wood fires because of the adventure. The sound of crackling wood under heat, the natural aroma of burning wood and the visualization of the flames. This experience creates the peaceful environment you want your family and guests to remember your home from.

Whether you want to incorporate a custom gas fireplace for your outdoor kitchen or have a professionally built fire pit for your backyard bonfires. Our design process and raw material selection will ensure that your fireplace and fire pit projects yield the results your family enjoys for a lifetime of memories.  

Learn how you can incorporate fire into your landscape design today, apply below!